UNStudio signs contract for the Dance Palace in St. Petersburg (RU)

UNStudio and Grigorjev & Partners LLC have signed the contract with the client, Petersburg City LLC, for the new Dance Palace in the historic center of St. Petersburg, following the success of the design competition in July last year. The project is a 24,000-m² dance theater, in a 28-meter high futuristic structure.

DancePalace night

St. Petersburg's new Dance Palace will take its place in the city's master plan for a new urban square as part of the European Embankment.

The Dance Palace forms part of the European Embankment city quarter master plan for a new urban square in St. Petersburg. The new theater will house The Eifman Ballet, headed by the prolific choreographer Boris Eifman.

The Dance Palace in St. Petersburg embraces the rich history of the world renowned Russian Modern Ballet within the historic setting of St. Petersburg. The signing of the contract is a milestone for both the international and St. Petersburg teams.

According to architect Ben van Berkel, "The ambition of the city of St. Petersburg and of our client to proceed with this project is a wonderful example of perseverance. To set up a team with international specialists alongside specialists from St. Petersburg has been quite a challenge, particularly as – alongside all of the technical challenges – we have to address the challenges of affordability and sustainability, or what I like to call attainability."

UNStudio has extensive experience in theater design, with recently completed projects including the Theatre Agora in Lelystad (Netherlands) and the MUMUTH Music Theatre in Graz (Austria). UNStudio is also currently designing a new theater for Spijkenisse in the Netherlands.

The cost of the project and the developer have not been disclosed.

Source: UNStudio

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