Union Investment launches new knowledge portal on sustainable real estate investment (DE)

Although green real estate investment has become a major issue for the property industry, sustainability remains a complex subject. A new web portal provides detailed information about green buildings as an emerging asset class.

Green buildings are set to have a huge impact on real estate investment over the next few years. In a recent Europe-wide survey of property professionals by Union Investment, 60% of respondents stated that sustainability criteria are already embedded in their investment strategy. But given the proliferation of structural and climate control innovations, laws and certification schemes, it is often difficult to keep up with developments.

Union Investment's new portal www.sustainable-realestate-investments.com is a valuable information resource for all aspects of sustainable real estate. In addition to environmental matters, the portal highlights the enhanced user comfort of green buildings as well as their economic potential.

"Knowledge is the basis of successful investment," says Fabian Hellbusch, Head of marketing and communication at Union Investment Real Estate GmbH.

"The aim of the new online platform is to create awareness of both the need to embrace sustainability and the associated property investment opportunities, and also to contribute to a shared understanding of this complex area."

The new sustainable real estate investment portal is one of the first sites to take an in-depth look at the development, construction and refurbishment of sustainable commercial properties, together with their certification and operation. Both informative and entertaining, it considers every aspect of what makes a successful green building, from innovative building services and climate control to use of renewable energy sources and the need for a comfortable occupant environment. This exciting glimpse into the future of property is firmly rooted in practical experience, with references to sustainable office and retail properties from the Union Investment portfolio around the world giving shape and colour to the highlighted features.

The interactive 3D panorama on the home page provides an accessible introduction to the subject. Using the green office as an example, it shows sustainability in action and demonstrates how to create a fascinating working and living environment. The broad scope of the website is rounded off by important news, events and studies on the subject. The portal is a must for property experts who need to stay informed about the latest developments in the green building and investment arena.

Source: Union Investment

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