Unibail-Rodamco's Supervisory Board announces election of Robert ter Haar as its new Chairman (FR)

The Unibail-Rodamco Supervisory Board announces the election of Robert ter Haar as its new Chairman replacing Robert van Oordt.

This decision will take effect upon the close of the next General Meeting on April 26, 2012 when van Oordt will retire in accordance with the company's statutory age considerations.

Robert ter Haar will also replace Robert van Oordt as Chairman of the Governance, Nomination and Remuneration Committee. ter Haar has been a member of the Unibail-Rodamco SE Supervisory Board since 2007 and was a member of the Rodamco Europe N.V. Supervisory Board from 2004 until the merger between Rodamco Europe and Unibail, which was an important consideration in the Supervisory Board's choice of ter Haar as its new Chairman.

Guillaume Poitrinal, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board says: "The Management Board and I thank Robert van Oordt for his instrumental role in the merger between Rodamco Europe and Unibail in 2007 as Rodamco Europe's Supervisory Board Chairman (2001-2007) and his continued contribution as Unibail-Rodamco's first Supervisory Board Chairman (2007-2012).

"Under the new Chairmanship of Robert ter Haar, an experienced and long-standing Rodamco Europe and Unibail-Rodamco Supervisory Board member, the Management and Supervisory Board's continued commitment to excellence in governance is assured."

Source: Unibail-Rodamco

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