Unibail-Rodamco: Innovative performance | 2012 ANNUAL and sustainable development report

Since 2007, Unibail-Rodamco has developed a comprehensive and ambitious sustainability strategy, with tangible achievements that demonstrate its capacity to thrive in all sustainability fields.
The Group has surpassed the initial long term targets set for the
2006 to 2016 period.
In 2012, the Group decided that it was the right time to reconsider its sustainability vision and commissioned Jones Lang LaSalle to perform a materiality review of its sustainability strategy.

  • The materiality study allowed the Group to:
  • Understand and prioritise its sustainability impacts, risks and opportunities
  • Develop a sustainability vision for 2020 (this timeframe is aligned with the 
    European Union’s new legislation)
  • Create a hierarchy for material issues – defining long-term objectives and
    short-term targets
  • Develop a sustainability strategy which focuses on the most important 
    topics for the real estate sector and for Unibail-Rodamco’s business model, 
    activities and portfolio spread
  • Enable Unibail-Rodamco staff to clearly articulate its sustainability 
    vision and priorities to external stakeholders

The conclusion of this study led to a new prioritisation of the Group’s issues detailed in the matrix to the right. The new targets announced in the 2012 Financial Report (page 96) reflect the results of the materiality analysis.

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