UK GBC welcomes Strategy for Sustainable Construction progress report (UK)

The UK Green Building Council has welcomed the release of the UK government's Progress Report on the Strategy for Sustainable Construction and looks forward to working in partnership with government to drive the radical change necessary in the sector.

Paul King, Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council said: "Government is absolutely right to emphasise the pivotal part the construction sector plays in tackling climate change and on a range of other sustainability challenges, including use of water, production of waste and impact on biodiversity.

"The strategy contains some laudible goals and this report is a welcome assessment of progress against them. However, if we're honest we don't as an industry have a really clear idea of exactly how far we need to go to create a genuinely sustainable built environment, by when and how we're going to get there.

"That is why the UK GBC is working with the industry and government on creating a shared 'roadmap' to a sustainable built environment. This would provide the confidence needed for long-term investment in sustainability, help create the business case for green buildings and result in the step change necessary across the sector.

Source: UK GBC

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