UK-GBC welcomes Labour Party Manifesto (UK)

The UK Green Building Council today welcomed the Labour Party Manifesto 2010 "A future fair for all" which it said showed a commitment to moving forward to a low carbon built environment. Key proposals in the manifesto include a Green Investment Bank, a Pay As You Save scheme to fund home energy efficiency improvements and a requirement for landlords to properly insulate rented homes.

Paul King, Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council said: "Labour is right to emphasize the wider benefits of a transition to a low-carbon economy in terms of fairness, security and new jobs in its manifesto. Sustainable living needs to be easy and affordable for everyone.

"We welcome the proposed introduction of the Green Investment Bank to invest in low-carbon infrastructure, the prominence given to legislating to introduce Pay As You Save schemes under which home energy efficiency improvements can be paid for from the savings they generate on energy bills, the commitment to require landlords to properly insulate rented homes, and to give local authorities new powers to develop local energy systems including district heating. The government has led the way in making sure that British homes are greener homes through our world-leading commitment to all new homes being zero carbon by 2016.

"Any incoming administration must build on the lesson that industry is ready and willing to deliver. It will need to show sufficient leadership and provide the clarity and consistency business needs to invest and innovate for the benefit of all of our futures."

Source: UK GBC

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