UEPC joins EPF cementing alliance of largest and broadest-based real estate representation in Europe (EU)

The European Union of Developers and Housebuilders (UEPC) has joined the European Property Federation (EPF), thus cementing an alliance covering the entire building development, investment, rental and management chain, residential and commercial, listed and non-listed.

Jean-Paul Florentin, President of UEPC, said, "This is a perfect fit. Both organizations share many types of membership, but UEPC's developer dominance and EPF's investor/landlord focus complete the chain to the benefit of all, and geographically also there are great complementarities, enabling the combined representation to cover most of the Union and beyond."

John Frederiksen, President of EPF, said, "It is an honor for EPF to be associated with UEPC which has been an established interlocutor of the EU authorities for over 50 years. Our common work will benefit the entire industry, and our capacity to engage with the Commission, Parliament and Council is considerably enhanced".

Liz Peace, Chairman of the EPF Managing Committee, said "I have every confidence that we will forge a coherent and dynamic team, drawing on our combined strengths."

Source: EPF

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