From typewriters to tablets: The evolution of the workplace and the CRE professional

“The ‘workplace’ as we now understand it is no longer simply a fixed physical space from where we do our jobs. Work now happens on trains, in coffee shops, at home, on virtual networks, in airport lounges, and in the office pantry. Saying that, the physical real estate is an important and active business enabler–it’s far from being a necessary evil in our understanding of the workplace.”

In an exclusive interview for Europe Real Estate 2014, Neil Austin, RBS and President of the CoreNet Global UK Chapter talks about the transformation of the workplace and the driving forces contributing to this change. Read about the contemporary business environment, the needs of the CRE professional and predictions as to where CRE is heading.

Mr. Neil Austin’s interview is part of the Thought Leaders section of Europe Real Estate 2014, launched during the MIPIM conference. The digital version of Europe Real Estate 2014 is also available in our webshops.

Source: Europe Real Estate

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