Turkey Residential Property Price Indices: September 2013 | REIDIN


According to the results of the REIDIN-GYODER New Home Price Index, August 2013 the following changes were registered on the Turkish residential market:

• There was a 2.66% increase with respect to the previous month and in compliance with August 2012 there was an increase of 12.47%;

• ‘Branded Projects’ in Istanbul’s European side showed a 1.48% increase, while the ones on the Asian side a 2.00% increase;

• There was an increase of 2.95% in 1+1 flat type, 2.79% in 2+1 flat type, 3.01% in 3+1 flat type and an increase of 0.31% in 4+1 flat type with respect to the previous month.

• There was a 2.22% increase in 51-75 m² size, 2.48% in 76-100 m², 2.71% in 101-125 m² size, 3.03% in 126-150 m² and a 1.15% increase in 151 m² and bigger sized properties with respect to the previous month. 

(This article features excerpts from the full report – please download it here)