Turkey GRI 2010 gathering a successful meeting of minds (TR)

On January the Turkey GRI 2010 met in Istanbul, bringing together the leading international players and national decision-makers that are driving the real estate business in Turkey today.

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Many informative discussions took place during the Turkey GRI meeting in Istanbul.

Turkey GRI 2010 started with a keynote by Prof Dr. Vedat Akgiray, the Chairman of The Capital Markets Board of Turkey. Turkey GRI 2010 program was a reflection of the market and its participants. On the whole we saw the mood is slowly brightening up.
All topics were suggested by major players and therefore all were relevant to those joined us on January 19. You can see below the List of Discussions.

Like all GRI meetings, the Turkey GRI had no speakers and no panellists, just informal discussions in small groups, where everyone participates equally.

The following topics were of great interest to the participants.
Turkey GRI 2010 Program

• KEYNOTE by Prof Dr. Vedat Akgiray
• Commercial Real Estate – Not as bleak as it may seem?
• Developing Shopping Centres – Are we missing Something?
• Financing Developers - Is it just talk?
• Hotel & Resort Investments in Turkey - Selecting the right global partners
for a successful venture
• Investing in Turkey - Will inflation make it worth or worse?
• Istanbul Office Market - Too much or too little?
• Mixed Use Developments - Brings comfort or just a cost?
• Middle Eastern Investors in Turkey - Growing appetite?
• New Business Models – how to adapt in a new world?
• Outlook & Opportunities for 2010 - what's ahead?
• Private Equity – tightening the purse or just empty?
• Retail Parks - Why are investors so slow?
• Shopping Centers in Turkey - More money in management than development?
• Residential in Turkey – stronghold in the downswing?

The GRI is a global club of senior real estate investors, developers and lenders that runs its activities through a collection of annual meetings focused on different regions of the world. There are annual GRI meetings in Turkey, Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Germany, UK, Sweden, China, Brazil, France, Russia, India, Egypt and in the Czech Republic.

If building close relationships with the driving elite of the real estate industry at the most senior levels can be useful to you or your organisation, we invite you to join us at the GRI events.

For more information about GRI Turkey 2010 please visit: www.globalrealestate.org/mygri/GRITurkey/2010

Source: GRI Turkey

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