Trevian expands its care property business with a new €140 million fund (FI)

Trevian Asset Management Oy launched a new real estate equity fund Trevian Care II Ky. The new fund is the successor fund of Trevian Care I Ky, Trevian’s first fund investing in care properties, which has sold all its assets and will not make any new investments. The first fund has produced a return of more than 9 % to its investors. Now Trevian continues its care property investment business with the new fund.
The investors of the first fund have given commitments to Trevian Care II and the fund is open for other institutional investors as well. The second closing is expected in Autumn 2014. The strategy of Trevian Care II Ky is to acquire Finnish real estate used by care sector, day care and other public services and the fund aims at building up a portfolio of €140 million. In connection with the first closing, Trevian Care II Ky acquired a €20 million care property portfolio.
”Trevian sees significant potential in the care property market. The Finnish care sector is growing fast and the need for new investments is great. We want with our contribution to participate in developing and supporting the growth possibilities and needs of the care sector together with the care operator companies and municipalities. The launched fund offers institutional investors an easy and efficient way to channel their investments into care properties”, comments Reima Södervall, managing director of Trevian Asset Management Oy.
Source: Trevian

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