Tottenham Hotspur announce plans for new football stadium (UK)

Tottenham Hotspur has announced plans to develop a brand new 61,000 seat stadium, which will be submitted to the London Borough of Haringey in the coming weeks. The Northumberland Development Project will feature a multi-purpose pitch capable of hosting NFL matches along with other sports, concerts, and community events, alongside a number of other state of the art amenities.
The Club estimates the new stadium will create a number of new jobs, going from 1,800 currently to approx. 3,500, and generating additional new income for the local economy. It is expected the annual income will go from generating £120 mln (approx. €166.9 mln) to over £293 mln (approx. €408 mln).
Alongside the actual stadium, the Club plans on building a new 180 bedroom hotel, a public open space featuring entertainment and hospitality venues, a new community health centre, an extreme sports building with the tallest indoor climbing wall in the world, and a number of residential properties. The target date for project completion is August 2018, just in time for the 2018/2019 season.
Source: Tottenham Hotspur

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