Topping-out ceremony for Thier-Galerie in Dortmund (DE)

The shell construction of the new Thier-Galerie in Dortmund has been completed: in the presence of Dortmund's Lord Mayor Ullrich Sierau and further city representatives, the project partners of ECE and Hamburg Trust celebrated together with the builders the topping-out ceremony of the new inner-city shopping gallery.

By autumn next year, around 150 specialist stores and service outlets are being constructed on approx. 33,000 m² of sales area on the premises of the former Thier brewery between Westenhellweg and Hoher Wall. This is rounded off with additional areas for restaurants, cafés and other gastronomy facilities such as the already existing 'Hövels Hausbrauerei' brewery, which will be integrated in the entire ensemble. Moreover, the Thier-Galerie provides more than 5,000 m² of office space as well as around 730 parking spaces.

An architectonical highlight is the four-story 'house in the house' in the center of the glass-roofed shopping center. This building part is connected with more than 25 bridges to the surrounding malls. After the opening, around 800 people will be working in the Thier-Galerie.

The €300-million project is one of Europe's largest privately financed construction projects that have been started in times of the financial crisis.

Dortmund's Lord Mayor Ullrich Sierau: "I am convinced that the Thier-Galerie will enforce our city center's attractiveness. This is underlined by the appealing architectonical design, the mature utilization concept and last but not least the first-class connection to Westenhellweg, which is already today one of Germany's most frequented shopping malls."

ECE CEO Alexander Otto: "Dortmund can already today look forward to a new, highly attractive meeting point for shopping, culture and gastronomy. With its strong appeal, the Thier-Galerie will sustainably strengthen Dortmund's position as top shopping metropolis."

For the Thier-Galerie, ECE composed a balanced tenant and branch mixture – among others with manifold fashion outlets and diverse gastronomy concepts. Already now, more than 65% of the shop areas are leased to renowned retail companies. The large-scale tenants include Intersport Voswinkel, a REWE groceries store, a Thalia bookstore and the Irish fashion retailer Primark, who is currently represented at two locations in Germany.

Also in terms of climate protection Thier-Galerie is setting sustainable trends: energy saving is supported among other things by a natural ventilation of the malls. Moreover, the Thier-Galerie is provided with a special light and energy concept with dynamic light control Thereby, the luminaries are controlled according to the course of day, which optimized the energy consumption. Additionally, energy-efficient illuminants of the latest generation and certified green electricity are used.

The long-term management of the Thier-Galerie is in the hands of ECE, which also developed and planned the project. Equity partner is Hamburg Trust (56%), the ECE/Otto group (25%) as well as various private investors (19%). Together they bear around 40% of the investment amount. The outside capital in the amount of €180 million is provided by the DG HYP/Dortmunder Volksbank as conso

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