Top 10 largest outlet retailers in Europe

For a long time, European factory outlet centers have been considered as a marginal type of retail. Their strong development since the early 2000s has changed that image considerably. Consumer interest - as well as all retail players like developers, investors, retailers, and service providers for these types of shopping destinations - is growing.


The recessionary economic development and declines in consumer spending figures in many European countries has not stopped the continuous growth of factory outlet centers (FOCs). New sites have recently been developed in Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, and Serbia. This dynamic development has also spread through Russia, Poland and Germany; with Germany experiencing one of the busiest periods of development in the past few years. Nike, Levi Strauss & Co, Puma, and Adidas have remained key players in outlet retailing with a combined total of 370 outlet stores in Europe.
TOP 10 outlet retailers©FSP Retail/Magdus 2014

Magdus reports that by September 2014, 200 factory outlet centers were opened across Europe, offering more than 3 million m² of retail space. Factory outlet centers include outlet malls and outlet villages and retail a range of products from segments including middle range, premium and luxury; and are all sold under one roof. Retailers are opening numerous outlet centers across Europe; American retailers are leading the way with Nike in the top spot with 114 outlet stores and Levi Strauss & Co following with 105.
Ten openings are planned for 2015, mainly in Russia, Germany, France Italy, Czech Republic, and Poland. With the huge amount of profit up for grabs comes the growth in popularity of outlets, however, players in this sector will have to pay close attention to the risk of banality as the success of these centers rests mostly on the rarity of the very concept.
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