Thier-Galerie in Dortmund most innovative shopping center in Europe (DE/AT)

Dortmund's Thier-Galerie was honored as most innovative shopping center in Europe at the presentation of the 'Across Award 2012' on Thursday (April 26, 2012) in Vienna. An internationally staffed expert jury chose Thier-Galerie in the final round from a total of 17 applicants.

In their statement, the jury praised the innovative and sustainable concept of the shopping gallery developed by Hamburg-based ECE. "This award is an excellent distinction for Thier-Galerie and confirms the quality of our work," said the delighted ECE CEO Alexander Otto.

Thier-Galerie, which was opened last September, was constructed on the former brewery premises in the heart of Dortmund's city center. The center offers its visitors on a sales area of approx. 33,000 m² around 160 specialist stores, restaurants, cafés and service outlets. Furthermore, Thier-Galerie provides more than 5,000 m² office space and around 730 parking spaces.

The four-story 'house within the house' ensures a special spatial experience in the glass-roofed interior. Eye-catcher and main entrance portal at Dortmund's Westenhellweg boulevard is the reconstructed Gründerzeit façade of a former trading house.

With an investment volume of approx. €300 million, Thier- Galerie is Europe-wide one of the largest privately financed buildings that were realized during the financial crisis. Investment partners are Hamburg Trust, ECE/Otto family as well as different private investors.

Saving energy in Thier-Galerie is supported by natural ventilation of the mall. Furthermore, the center has a special energy concept with dynamic light control. Latest-generation illuminants and certified green electricity additionally contribute to the climate protection.

Source: ECE

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