The States-General of Italian Real Estate at EIRE 2011 (IT)

The Scientific Committee of EIRE - Expo Italia Real Estate, Italian Real Estate's largest international event - has met at the WJC - World Join Center [Ge.Fi SpA offices].


EIRE 2011 takes place from June 7-9.

60 of the most important industry players participated in the meeting, which involved the presentation of the States-General of Real Estate at EIRE 2011 (from June 7-9 at Fieramilano). The urgent summons by the EIRE Scientific Committee was instigated by a variety of recent events, the result of which has been the fragmentation of the Italian real estate sector and the urgent need for awareness about its role and the contribution it is capable of offering the country.

"In sharing common interests and objectives, the biggest strength of a knowledgeable economic community should be 'ideal tension', forcing the reasons for working, building and living to emerge," stated Antonio Intiglietta, President of Ge.Fi SpA.

"By 'ideal tension', I mean each person's desire to contribute to the construction of a 'benefit' for his or herself, as well as for the entire community. What we are therefore dealing with is a place for reflection on objectives of growth and the development of our economic system, a place where a true Italian real estate community can begin to take shape, capable of dialoguing and comparing the various opportunities within our country, whilst at the same time attracting the attention of the international market," concluded the Ge.Fi.SpA President.

"What is RE in Italy? Who belongs to it? Who contributes to the development of this sector? What capacity does it have to create an identity, to properly communicate its positive experiences, to create dialogue among public opinion, institutions and politics?"

These were the questions posed by Antonio Intiglietta, opening the debate and launching the proposal for the States-General, which was welcomed by a positive response by all industry representatives present. The States-General of Real Estate at EIRE 2011 is not intended to replace other entities. Rather, by involving all elements of the industry thanks to its very 'nature', the States-General aims to encourage the awareness of all protagonists in the world of real estate.

During the three day fair, the States-General of EIRE 2011 will be divided into conferences – currently in the process of being organized - dedicated to the areas of Finance, Foreign Real Estate, Retail, Social Housing, Logistics, Renewable Sources, Hospitality & Tourism, Leisure, Stadiums & Free Time, Communication, Architecture, Construction Systems, Universities, Public Administrations.

From the valuable reflections and proposals bound to emerge from these encounters, as well as from indications provided by theses which have already been developed by the most important associations in the industry, a conclusive proposal will be prepared: the 'Manifesto of Real Estate in Italy', to be presented upon the conclusion of works. The aim of the manifesto will be to draw public attention to the state of the real estate sector.

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