The SBA Group enters modular homes business (LT)

The SBA Group enters modular homes business (LT)

The SBA Group, one of Lithuania’s largest corporate groups, has taken the decision to enter a new business area: the production of climate-friendly and sustainable modular buildings. The newly established company SBA Modular will design, manufacture and assemble fully equipped multi-storey residential buildings. Plans are within several years to reach the capacity to supply the market with 1,000 apartments every year. The majority of what the new SBA Modular factory produces will be exported to Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom, Germany and other Western European markets, which suffer from significant housing shortages.


“For some time, the SBA Group has been looking for an additional business area that offers synergy with our existing businesses and fits our values and approach. The construction sector is conservative and to a large extent not innovative enough. I am not afraid to say that we aim to create and offer the global market a new generation concept for developing buildings. Heavy emphasis will be placed on innovations, with environmental friendliness as the top priority,” said SBA President Arunas Martinkevicius. “Our ambition is to become the world’s most ecological producer and developer of residential buildings and spaces for other uses. We worked with a strong team, with professionals from different countries and cultures. They clearly underlined this new business model’s impact on creating a cleaner world. This business area will fit perfectly in the SBA Group: it lets us take maximum advantage of both the competencies we have accumulated in manufacturing over many years and our experience carrying out complex and innovative real estate projects. The synergy of these competencies provides a solid foundation for growth, so we plan for the new sector to be a significant part of the SBA Group, accounting for about a fourth of the group’s sales within several years.”


SBA Modular’s factory will be built in Lithuania. Investments in it will total up to €50m. The company will have a significant impact on its regional community, with plans once underway to employ approximately 450 members of staff.


“Things are moving at maximum speed. We are currently deciding on the site for our greenfield investment and, simultaneously, the factory buildings and production lines are being designed and the product’s technological basis is being developed. Construction of the factory is expected to be completed within a couple of years,” said Paulius Nevinskas, Director, SBA Modular. “We are very happy with the team we’ve put together, their values and ambition to create homes for people based on bold innovations. It’s particularly important our customers feel and know that in buying a place to live they’re contributing to keeping our planet cleaner.”

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