The Peel Group submits plans for new phases at MediaCityUK (UK)

The Peel Group has unveiled ambitious plans over the next 20 years for further phases of MediaCityUK at Salford Quays. Peel is seeking outline approval from Salford City Council for an additional 459,000 m² of development, with the ultimate aim of creating a new town center for Salford Quays.


The proposed development is expected to be delivered in four phases over 20 years.

The site at the heart of the application lies immediately to the east of the existing MediaCityUK complex and is bound by South Langworthy Road, Broadway and The Quays, extending to a total of just over 10 hectares.

The proposed development, which is expected to be delivered in four phases and will complement the existing site, consists of the following:

  • Offices – 212,000 m²
  • Residential – 95,000 m²
  • Hotel – 26,000 m²
  • Retail – 8,000 m²
  • Leisure – 2,500 m²
  • Car parking – 115,000 m²
  • High-quality public spaces
  • Potential pedestrian loop around Dock 9

In line with the city council's strategy for 2010-2030, the plans have been devised with regard not only for good urban design principles but also the infrastructure needs of Salford Quays as a whole, including transport and green priorities.

The aspiration is to create a sustainable community which meets people's social, economic and environmental needs, and takes a responsible approach to energy and resource consumption.

Key green aspects include:

  • Improved pedestrian/cycle access to surrounding neighborhoods and public transport system
  • Retention of existing trees to create an 'ecology corridor'
  • Water features and green roofs to attenuate rainwater run-off and rainwater harvesting
  • Buildings specially designed to facilitate high levels of natural light and ventilation
  • Buildings capable of accommodating low energy technologies, including water heaters and combined heat and power systems.

Discussions have already taken place with the local authority and this process will be extended to existing businesses on the site, other interested parties and the wider community. Peel and the city council are working together to ensure the most effective means of consultation as the proposals become more clearly defined.

Stephen Wild, Managing Director, MediaCityUK, said: 'We see the new development playing a pivotal role in supporting what Peel has already built in the initial phases, as well as furthering the city council's aspiration of creating a new town center at Salford Quays.

"This is a 20-year plan and demonstrates our continuing long-term commitment to the area. We will now consult as widely as possible in producing our detailed plans."

The full application can be found via the Salford City Council website,

Source: MediaCityUK

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