The most attractive and expensive high-street in CEE

Parizska street

Parizska Street in Prague is the most attractive and expensive street in Central and Eastern Europe. According to a study by CBRE, a provider of commercial real estate services, Prague has the most attractive high-street in Central and Eastern Europe. Due to a lack of retail space, the high-street in Prague has expanded to the adjacent streets of Parizska, Na Prikope and others.

  • Parizska is the most expensive street with prime rents of €220/m²/per month, followed by Na Prikope with prime rents of €215/m²/per month
  • London sees the fastest growing rents worldwide, at nearly 54%
  • Rents in New York are the highest in the world, at €3,277/m²/per month
  • Despite a 33% fall in rental prices, Hong Kong still has the second highest rents in the world 


Tomas Beranek, Head of High Street Retail and Tenant Representation at CBRE, added: “Currently, the most expensive street is Parizska with prime rents of €220/m²/per month, followed by Na Prikope Street with prime rents of €215/m²/per month. Due to the lack of retail space in lucrative areas, we expect prime rents to increase by 5% in 2017. The growing number of tourists helps support market development."


We anticipate high activity in 2017 and the arrival of new brands that are looking around Prague's high street. This activity is also supported by the expansion of the Centrum Chodov, meaning that new retailers who come to Centrum Chodov also want to open shops on the high street in Prague. Foot Locker will also open on Wenceslas Square next year, which will be its Central European flagship store. Some reconstruction projects are underway in 2017, such as Palac ARA.


And what about rent in other markets around the world?

Top 10 global high streets by level of the highest rents in premium locations:



Street / location

Prime Rent Q2 2016 per/month

New York

Fifth Avenue

€ 3 277

Hong Kong

Russell Street

€ 1 520


New Bond Street

€ 1 379


Avenue des Champs-Elysees

€ 1 119


Chuo Dari

€ 1 074


Shopping center

€ 822



€ 742


Shopping center

€ 702


Shopping center

€ 677


Shopping center

€ 659

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