The Carlyle Group announces the completion of Tour 9 in Paris (FR)

The Carlyle Group, the global private equity firm, has announced the completion of the Tour 9 office building in Montreuil, Paris.

Tour 9

The Tour 9 building in Montreuil, Paris, has been completely refurbished.

The Tour 9 has been completely refurbished, achieving innovative environmental standards, and has undergone a full internal redesign.

The renovated tower is 26 storys high, with an internal floor area of 35,000 m² and space for 2,550 people. It is located in the heart of the new 'downtown' part of Montreuil, which provides a total of 90,000 m² of high-quality office accommodation, dedicated to tertiary companies.

Tour 9 has been renovated by the architects Hubert & Roy. Staying true to Carlyle's objective to offer fluid and functional spaces, the architects have attempted to present a perception of 'urban aesthetic'. The scale model of the project was exhibited at the Venice biennale and will soon be presented at the Cité de l'Architecture in Paris.

Catherine Simoni, Managing Director of Carlyle Real Estate France, comments: "Tour 9 embodies Carlyle's strategy of extensively refurbishing high profile buildings in strategic areas, whilst giving careful consideration to their environmental impact. We're particularly proud of this tower, as not only does it contribute to Montreuil's reputation, but it reflects a strong innovative architectural design."

The Tour 9 meets ecological and sustainable requirements including all criteria of the HPE 2005 Label (High Energy performance Label).

Source: FD

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