The British Island comes to Gothenburg, 20 brands exclusive to FÖMO Store in Sweden

FÖMO pop-up store in Mölndal Galleria, Gothenburg, Sweden is currently hosting ‘British Island’ pop-up, featuring 20 British brands debuting in the Swedish market. Open for the next four weeks, a multi-branded pop-up store offers a diverse range of products including sustainable clothing, organic cosmetics, jewellery, crafts, luxury niche perfumes, handmade footwear, popular designer eyewear, and lifestyle products. A collaborative physical lifestyle magazine focusing on sustainability and innovation, ‘British Island’ represents a unique concept that allows well-known brands, online retailers, and newcomers alike to test the physical retail environment.


Launched in February, ‘British Island’ was welcomed by the British Ambassador, David Cairns who made a visit to Molndal Galleria. He shared his interest in this pop-up format and the innovative approach to help brands test a market by selling their products through the FÖMO store, acknowledging the importance of creating a low-risk solution that enables the expansion of British retailers.


This is a premiering concept, the first of its kind in Europe, FÖMO Store is not only revolutionising the flexible business model it is changing the format completely. Apart from creating a unique opportunity to generate new customers, it also serves as a marketing tool, providing valuable research on how their brand is perceived by the Swedish audience. With multiple brands rotating through the course of the year and weekly events focused on music, art and design both for local and international businesses, the store encourages collaboration between the brands seeking to experiment and test what is of interest to the target market.


Ilona Taillade, co-founder and CEO of FÖMO Store said: "The 'British Island' enables the brands to come together to tell their unique stories to customers. The curation of these selected brands is deliberate and provided the ingredients of presenting the best of Britain for a limited time in a store that is more comparable to an event venue than simply a store".


For further information on the FÖMO store please send an email.

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