The bridge structure of the motorway intersection of TóPARK has been lifted into place (HU)

The steel bridge structure of the motorway intersection of TóPARK city centre was lifted into place last Thursday night and thus the work process consisting of the placement of five elements in total was closed. At the same time it means the end of regular half-lane traffic closures at night. Implementation of the intersection is going to continue with traffic diversions as scheduled until completion at the end of the summer.


The motorway intersection to ToPARK is being implemented with private capital at a cost of over €7.15 billion.

Implementation of the motorway intersection that has been under way since the autumn of 2009 has reached its most spectacular stage, during which the bridge structure arching over M1 has been lifted into place. Placement of the approximately 270-ton steel structure took place in five phases with the last element installed at the night from Thursday 10 to Friday 11 June.

Traffic order modification remains valid during further works on the affected section of motorway M1, about which Állami Autópálya Kezelõ Zrt. provides information continuously. After the steel structure has been lifted into place works are going to continue on the bridge above motorway M1 with the construction of the armoured concrete carriageway plate and bridge edges, preparation of insulation and the carriageway pavement and the placement of guardrails.

In addition, construction of the engineering structures of the intersection system continues on both sides of M1 and building of merging-dividing lanes is also going to be started. All works are implemented by PORR Építési Kft.

It is extraordinary that the intersection is not built as a state investment, but is totally financed by TóPARK despite the objective being transport infrastructure development of public purpose. Thus the investment exceeding HUF 2 billion (€7.15 billion) is implemented from private capital.

Source: ToPARK Marketing

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