Take-off for Airport Centre Sarajevo (BA)

Recently in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, preparations for the construction of the shopping center ACS Airport Centre Sarajevo have begun in the vicinity of the city airport.

The constructor is ACS Llc., 20% of which is owned by the state-owned Sarajevo Airport, while the remaining 80% is in the equal ownership of the IPD group and Karimpol Group of Companies, both from Vienna.

"We started this project during the global financial and property crisis, which is why we had to wait for almost two years. But now, we are profiting from the market recovery on the one hand, and on the other – which is much stronger – from the positive mood in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is spreading due to the hope of European Union membership after Croatia's accession," said Mag. Franz P. Kus and Mag. Michael Böck, the spokesmen for IPD (Innovation Park Development).

"That positive mood is also being conveyed to investors and international property mediators, for whom Bosnia and Herzegovina has now become a very interesting market, and who have been waiting until now for the development of the situation. After positive experiences in Croatia, but also in Serbia, they now see an opportunity to strengthen their position in the Balkans – this time in Bosnia and Herzegovina," Kus said.

The general constructor is a Bosnian company Muciæ & Co. Llc. from Ljubuški, an internationally renowned construction, design and engineering company, which guarantees both quality and completion within the terms set for ASC Sarajevo, planned to open in 2013.

"The leasing process through the Austrian company Krammer & Wagner Projektentwicklung und Immobilien GmbH is ongoing, so that we have already signed lease contracts with the first global brands," Mag. Franz P. Kus emphasized.

"Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius and Pull&Bear, four brands of Inditex, have already become lessees, as well as Oviesse and New Yorker. In addition, a Belgium retail food chain Delhaize is coming, and they are extremely strong in the CEE and SE European countries."

The IPD (Innovation Park Development GmbH) company, with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, was founded in 1994, and since then it has realized a series of logistic and office building projects throughout Central and Eastern Europe. This family company is specialized in commercial properties, and has offices in Vienna, Sarajevo and Budapest, to use these positions to follow up its numerous own developed logistic properties.

Karimpol Group of Companies (Vienna, Austria) has been specializing exclusively for more than 20 years in office building properties, and has realized numerous projects in Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava, as well as in Budapest (in cooperation with IPD), and in Moscow and Sofia. The Sarajevo ACS is the first joint project of the two companies in the construction of a shopping center.

Source: Medienservice Steinmann

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