Sustainable construction integral part of Citycon's property development (FI/SE)

Citycon, the market leader in the shopping center business in Finland, has launched three pilot projects in sustainable construction. The aim is to evaluate the planning and implementation of property development projects comprehensively from the viewpoint of sustainable operations, and to systematize pro-environmental practices. Citycon is also seeking international environmental rating for its projects.

"Traditionally, environmental aspects are associated with industrial production and transport, but of course the issue involves all lines of business, including the property business. We are intent on developing further and promoting sustainable thinking in our properties. The shopping center of the future is green", comments Petri Olkinuora, Citycon's CEO.

Citycon owns a total of 32 shopping centers in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. At present, the company is refurbishing and extending seven of its properties, and twelve development projects are being planned. The three major ones, the development project of the Liljeholmen shopping center in Stockholm, the extension to the Rocca al Mare shopping center in Tallinn and the refurbishment of the Trio shopping center in Lahti, form the company's pilot projects in sustainable construction.

"Liljeholmen is our leading new development project. The basis for this project is sustainable construction, which also influenced the selection of our partners. The City of Stockholm also has a strong view on environmental aspects, which is making this co-operation very rewarding for us", continues Olkinuora.

Citycon already pays attention in development projects to environmental issues, such as recycling and building materials, but the pilot projects aim at establishing systematic sustainable construction practices. The assessment used in the pilot projects comprises a total of over 60 issues, reviewing various factors such as the energy efficiency of the project, indoor air quality, the choice of materials and other aspects related to the project, such as the utilization of public transport and minimizing the environmental impacts of construction work. Concrete development measures will be planned on the basis of the assessment.

The construction of the new Liljeholmen shopping center is Citycon's largest ever development project, with total costs amounting to approximately

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