STRABAG RPS acquires 1,074 units for administration of owner-occupied properties (DE)

In the past year, STRABAG Residential Property Services (STRABAG RPS) has secured a total of 1,074 residential and commercial units for the administration of owner-occupied properties.
Almost half of these units are apartments that are still in the project or construction phase and are being developed by renowned project developers in Berlin, such as PROJECT Immobilien and INTERHOMES.
In addition, there are 122 units of the completed high-quality residential project “Fünf Morgen – Dahlem Urban Village” in the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district developed by STOFANEL.
In total, STRABAG RPS managed around 21,900 units as of 31 December 2014, including 13,275 units that are administered as owner-occupied properties. The majority of the properties are located in Berlin.
“As the market leader in Berlin, we still see a great deal of growth potential for the coming years in the administration of owner-occupied properties in particular,” says Hans-Georg Kranz, a member of the management of STRABAG RPS. He particularly sees collaboration with property developers during the planning and project design phase of residential project developments as a future market for the company. “Many project developers have realized that it makes sense to get the expertise of a professional administration partner that will subsequently act as the administrator of the owner-occupied properties on board during the construction and sales phase already,” explains Kranz.
Source: STRABAG 

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