STRABAG PFS wins FM contract for 65 BDBOS core network locations (DE)

German Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio has commissioned STRABAG Property and Facility Services for the first time with the technical and infrastructure facility management of all its core network locations in Germany.
The contract was signed as at 1 May 2015 and is valid for at least six years. This was preceded by a Europe-wide call for bids by the BDBOS. The commission for the 65 locations in total includes building cleaning services and groundskeeping, but also maintenance and servicing of all installations and subsections relating to the building, especially special subsections such as network administration centers and exchanges. The parties have agreed not to disclose the volume of the order.
"In BDBOS we have acquired another important customer in one of our highly specialized fields of core competence. It is exactly in the business area of radio technology, broadcast technology and telecommunications that we expect further growth in the coming years. With its wide range of services, STRABAG PFS can provide industry-typical special trade crews in a bundle with the usual facility management service portfolio across Germany, even in B and C locations," said Dirk Brandt, Managing Director of STRABAG PFS with special responsibility for technical facility management.

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