Start of construction at Holzhalbinsel Rostock (DE)

Delta Immobilienentwicklung is starting construction at Holzhalbinsel in Rostock. After elaborate studies and the development of a clearly-defined concept, the city of Rostock and the international project developer are excited and enthusiastic about putting plans into action.

Holzhalbinsel Rostock

This new development at Rostock's waterfront mixes work, accommodation, shops and leisure.

"We are about to realize a great development which mixes work, accommodation, shops and leisure. The Karavelle Quartier – as the project is known – will not only enhance but also link the ancient city center and Holzhalbinsel," stated Edwin Meijerink, Director of Delta Immobilienentwicklung. The local Mayor was joined by WIRO, Rostock's development organization and Nattler Architekten for the presentation of the extensive plans.

In 2008 Delta Immobilienentwicklung and the WIRO agreed on the acquisition for the development of approximately 15,000 m² at the Holzhalbinsel, Rostock. Thorough studies of the area and a finely tuned concept led to a proposal for a two-phase mixed property development. Phase 1 will consist of 5,000 m² office space, plus parking facilities with up to 400 parking places as well as 130 senior citizen purpose-built apartments and 4.500 m² of retail development.

Phase 2 will consist of 38 high-quality apartments with a surface area of between 60 and 180 m². Another 1,600 m² of the project is designated for further retail development and restaurants.

This new development at Rostock's waterfront within easy walking distance of the charming old city center, mixes work, accommodation, shops and leisure to create a vibrant environment for all. This dynamic project will undoubtedly transform and have a positive impact on the adjacent area.

The request for building permits is already at the final stage and preparatory pre-construction work has begun. The definitive starting date will be within the next few months. The project's architects are Essen-based Nattler Architekten and at the request of the city/WIRO, they have developed the master plan for the Holzhalbinsel. Nattler Architekten are already well-known in Rostock having designed other projects there.

Recently long-term lease contracts were signed with Lidl, Edeka, Rossmann and a pharmaceutical company. A long-term lease contract with the RENAFAN Group has also been signed for the 130 purpose-built senior citizen apartments in Karavelle Quartier. This enables Delta Immobilienentwicklung to fill part of a large gap in the housing market where accommodation for the elderly is concerned.

Sales of apartments are due to start shortly and will be managed by local partner Lutter Immobilien.

Source: Delta Development Group

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