Standard Life's Dynamic Distribution Fund breaks £50 million (UK)

Standard Life Investments yesterday celebrated a milestone for its Authorised Unit Trust, The Dynamic Distribution Fund, as its funds under management pass through £50 million (approx. €69m). The fund, which has produced top decile performance over three and six months and one year, has topped the Cautious Managed Fund sector since launch.

Manager of the fund and Head of Mutual Fund Investments, Jacqueline Kerr said: "The benefits of the flexible nature of this fund will be easily recognizable to investors who reaped a 12.77% return versus the sector average of 5.02% over a one year period. The strong start to the life of this fund is in no small part due to the fund's superior structure which enables both dynamic asset allocation and successful stock selection. This allows us to play to our strengths across the breadth of our asset class range.

"Investing primarily in rated, top performing SLI funds, it uses the knowledge and expertise of a number of investment professionals. From our bond offering, the Dynamic Distribution Fund currently invests in both the 'AA' Standard & Poor's rated Corporate Bond Fund and the Higher Income Fund, with the latter boasting an excellent performance track record – being top quartile over one, two, three and five years. The Dynamic Distribution Fund also invests in our award-winning equity range which currently includes six funds which have produced top quartile performance over six months, one, two, three and five years – a collective track record of which we are rightly proud.

"As an award-winning property manager, our newly launched Global REIT Fund has become a welcome addition to the Dynamic Distribution Fund's portfolio. Managed with the experience and expertise our team has brought to the £1.3bn Select Property Fund, it offers a transparent and liquid way to profit from the diversity and growth potential of the rapidly expanding global property market.

"The low risk approach adopted by this fund and the fact that it offers access to our expertise across equities, bonds and property under such an actively and dynamically managed structure means that this fund encapsulates all that is best about Standard Life Investments. Judging by the performance being generated across the range of our mutual funds – this is a strong basis for investors to build from."

Source: Standard Life

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