Stadion becomes first LEED pre-certified development in Slovakia (SK)

Stadion is the first development in Slovakia to have obtained a LEED pre-certification.

The project has been awarded the pre-certification under the United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED for Core and Shell 2.0 rating system. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an internationally recognized certification system throughout the construction industry, provides verification that a building reflects environmentally friendly design and construction practices.

Stadion, located in Zilina in the north of Slovakia, comprises a gross lettable area of approximately 29,000 m². Stadion is the first phase of a multi-functional center that will provide retail and office space, together with two levels of car parking.

Construction works are scheduled to commence in 2011.

Sustainability features/goals incorporated by Stadion include:

  • Located on a previously developed site;
  • Excellent access to public transportation;
  • Limited number of parking spaces;
  • Incorporation of a cool and green roof;
  • Reduced use of irrigation for landscaping features;
  • 50% reduction of water use over baseline requirement;
  • 30% reduction in energy use over LEED baseline requirement;
  • Planned use of materials that are locally sourced and contain recyclable content;
  • Expanded recycling program;
  • Planned use of low emitting materials to create a high quality indoor environment.

The Silver level pre-certification follows the USGBC's preliminary evaluation of the project's design, attributes and construction methodologies, and subsequent conclusion that these elements will result in a Silver level of certification for Stadion. The final certification will be made once the USGBC has undertaken an independent document review upon completion of the building. This review confirms that the sustainable goals for the project have been achieved. The LEED Core and Shell rating system evaluates the entire project except for the interior spaces of tenants.

Gardiner & Theobald (G&T) is overseeing the LEED Certification process and also providing Cost Management services on the development.

Source: G&T

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