Spondas result for 2005 distinctly better than in the previous year (SE)

Spondas result in 2005 was a clear improvement on the previous year in terms of both leasing operations and the value of its property portfolio. The year was again a challenging one for office premises, where the economic occupancy rate remained at the same level in 2004.

Highlights (comparison year January-December 2004):

Spondas total revenue increased to EUR 103.1 (99.2) million.
Cash flow per share from operations EUR 0.57 (0.53).
Operating profit rose to EUR 65.5 (17.0) million due to the result of leasing operations and an increase in the value of the property portfolio.
Net profit for the year improved to EUR 29.6 (3.2) million.
Earnings per share were EUR 0.37 (0.04).
The market value of Spondas properties was EUR 1,259.7 (1,221.5) million; net assets per share were EUR 7.25 (7.44).

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Source: Pandox

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