Sponda and WWF expand their partnership to reduce the ecological footprint of office premises (FI)

Property investment company Sponda Plc and WWF Finland have announced a deeper partnership to promote the energy efficiency of properties and their environmentally responsible use.

The partnership first began in 2010. The partnership will be expanded in spring 2012 to cover services related to the WWF Green Office program. The services will offer benefits to Sponda's customer companies related to joining and operating in the Green Office network.

Green Office is an environmental system for offices developed and maintained by WWF Finland. The objective of the Green Office program is to reduce the ecological footprint and greenhouse emissions of office properties. The 200 organizations that currently participate in the Green Office program in Finland employ a total of nearly 70,000 people. Sponda has been involved in the Green Office network since 2009.

Support for Green Office processes
Under the newly expanded partnership, Sponda will support its customers' Green Office processes by participating in their Green Office teams and by supporting their Green Office goal setting and reporting activities.

"WWF is very pleased to expand its Green Office partnership with Sponda. Business premises play a key role in reducing energy consumption and promoting environmentally sustainable solutions," says Kati Malmelin, Development Manager at WWF Finland.

Sponda is one of WWF Finland's main partners. The aim of the partnership is to adopt environmentally friendly practices in Sponda's own operations while promoting environmental responsibility among the company's customers and the property sector as a whole.

The energy efficient use of properties is also supported by Sponda's Energy Efficiency Scheme and Environmental Partnership Program, which are aimed at reducing the energy consumption and environmental load of Sponda's properties in cooperation with customers.

Source: GlobeNewswire

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