SPAR continues European expansion

SPAR continues European expansion

SPAR has been opening new stores at the heart of their local communities, making investments in sustainable store technologies, and creating new job opportunities. Among the most recent openings is new EUROSPAR Supermarket in Mestre, Venice. The store comprises 2000m², of which 870m² are retail area offering customers a complete supermarket assortment of more than 12,000 products for their weekly shopping needs.


“A total of 29 team members of the previous brand have been employed in this store”, said Aspiag Service’s CEO, Francesco Montalvo. “Our strong, determined choice reflects the commitment of Aspiag Service to guarantee first and foremost a stable future with lasting employment opportunities by integrating existing team members to a rebranded store. We have maintained this commitment even when it meant putting market logic second.”


The company is rolling out a series of initiatives designed to build customer loyalty and promote a strong relationship with the store’s local community. Patrizia Pituelli, sales director for DESPAR and EUROSPAR within Aspiag Service, explained: “We are holding special activities for our new customers, with the aim of engaging them in our world of products, values, charity initiatives, and support for local products and producers. We have always tried to contribute to our local communities. With our new store, we are once more working at this.”


In the coastal town of Saint Nazaire in Brittany, independent retailer Martin-Claude Belle has opened a new SPAR store near the town hall. Spaciously laid out on a retail surface of 470m², this store offers customers plenty of variety, with a complete assortment of products and services. Instore highlights include an outstanding fresh fruit and vegetable section, fresh snacks, and a food-to-go counter equipped with a microwave oven, a salad bar, orange juicer, and free Wi-Fi.


SPAR Spain has grown its store portfolio with the opening of a new SPAR store in the centre of Barcelona. On a retail surface of 350m², this store features self-service fresh bakery and fruit and vegetable sections as well as a compact supermarket assortment. It is run by a team of seven SPAR colleagues. Customers are also offered a great choice of fine wines and liquors.


Following a thorough renovation, SPAR Spain Partner Fragadis has reopened its SPAR in the town of Callosa d’en Sarrià, located north of Alicante, in Plaza Quatre Carreteres. Equipped with new energy-saving cooling and lighting systems and fitted with environmentally friendly, reusable materials, the store offers an enhanced shopping experience, better light quality, and increased sustainability. On a sales surface of 410m², this convenience store offers an important service to its local community.


Customers can find a wide choice of A-brands and SPAR Brands, a great fresh section with fruit and vegetables, a fresh bakery with delicious pastries, and a service counter for fresh fish, meats, and cold cuts. The SPAR store employs nine team members, who are knowledgeable of local preferences. They offer customers an excellent customer service during the long opening hours, 8:30 am until 9:30 pm, from Monday to Saturday.

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