Sonae Sierra

Sonae Sierra is the international shopping centre specialist, passionate about creating unique shopping experiences. Our integrated approach to the shopping centre business includes the ownership, development, management, and provision of professional services activities.

Fernando Guedes Oliviera
Edmundo Figueiredo
Director, CFO
José Baeta Tomás
Director, CEO of Sonae Sierra Brasil
Ana Guedes Oliviera
Director, Development
Pedro Caupers
Director, Investment and Asset Management
João Correia de Sampaio
Director, Property Management & Leasing

This strategy allowed us to develop a recognised unique know-how, which we use for our shopping centres, as well as third-parties projects and operating shopping centres. Currently, the company operates in Portugal, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Spain, and Turkey. Our strong partnership policy, both with international investors and local partners, provides the fi nancial backing and market intelligence necessary to successfully develop new business, in new geographies. The company has been awarded more international prizes than any other company in this sector. Incorporated in Portugal in 1989, Sonae Sierra is owned by Sonae, SGPS (Portugal) with 50% and Grosvenor (United Kingdom) with 50%.


Our Shopping Centres
Sonae Sierra owns 47 shopping centres with a total Gross Lettable Area (GLA) of more than 2 million m² and an Open Market Value of €5.9bn.


Our Management
Sonae Sierra is responsible for the management and/or leasing of 82 shopping centres.


Our New Projects
Currently, Sonae Sierra has six projects under development, including three for third parties, and four new projects in the pipeline.


Our Services
Sonae Sierra’s professional services bring together the know-how and experience of a highly specialised team, used to facing ambitious challenges. As a result, we can provide high-quality shopping centre services covering all aspects of market analysis, architecture and engineering project, development, leasing, marketing, property management and asset management.


Parklake, Bucharest


Centro Vasco da Gama, Lisbon, Portugal


Grancasa, Zaragoza, Spain


Zenata Shopping Centre, Casablanca, Morocco

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