Solna Business Park food wholesale cluster strengthened (SE)

Coop and Ica/Hakon Invest, two major Fabege tenants in Solna Business Park in Stockholm, Sweden, have decided to expand their premises in the area. Coop has signed a contract for an additional 1,900 m², bringing its total floor space to about 13,000 m², as a result of locating more companies in the KF Group in Solna. Ica/Hakon Invest is increasing its space by about 1,300 m² to 17,600 m². OLW has also opted to expand by 366 m² to about 1,800 m². A new tenant in the food retail cluster in Solna Business Park is Milko, which has been renting about 800 m² since the last quarter of 2008.

Solna Business Park, which is attractively located and offers excellent transport connections, is also attracting companies from other industries. On 1 January 2009 the computer consulting firm Sogeti moved into a 1,200-m² office, and in the final quarter of 2008 the consulting firms Es-konsult and Realcom Scandpower decided to expand their floor space by a total of about 1,000 m€.

"Solna Business Park is attracting strong companies and brands, especially in the food wholesale sector, and we now see a very positive trend among our existing tenants, who are choosing to expand their premises, at the same time as new companies are looking to establish a presence in the Park," Christian Hermelin, Fabege's CEO, comments.

"Our staff have done an excellent job of developing the area and building strong customer relationships, and our customer-facing property management organisation has created a strong platform for continued successful lettings activities and a high rate of tenant retention in our properties," Christian Hermelin adds.

Fabege owns eight properties with a total lettable floor area of about 180,000 m² in Solna Business Park.

Source: Fabege

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