Slough Estates plc to join FTSE 100 (UK)

Slough Estates plc will join the FTSE 100 with effect at the close of business today, 28 July, following the merger of the Boots Group and Alliance UniChem and the deletion of a separate listing of the Alliance shares.

The FTSE 100 consists of the largest 100 UK companies, by full market value, which are eligible for inclusion in the index. The index is used extensively as a basis for investment products, such as derivatives and exchange-traded funds.

Ian Coull, Chief Executive of Slough Estates, commented: "Slough Estates welcomes its inclusion in the FTSE 100 - reflecting the value that has been created by our business. Of course fundamentally our purpose is unchanged; our priorities continue to be looking after our customers and maximising returns for our investors, as we build on our position as the leading provider of flexible business space in Europe."

Source: Maitland / FTSE

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