Skanska to develop new residential area in Örebro (SE)

Skanska has begun development of Näsby, a new residential area in Örebro in central Sweden. Skanskas investment in land and the first projects amounts to approximately €25 million (SEK 247 million).

The Näsby area is being developed in cooperation with the Örebro Municipality for single-family homes as well as tenant-owned and rental apartments. The housing is being constructed in a picturesque environment near a nature preserve by Lake Hjälmaren and in proximity to the citys university and university hospital a couple of kilometers outside central Örebro.

Näsby also represents a premiere for Skanska Rental Housing Skanskas newly formed company for the development, construction and rental of apartments. Skanska Rental Housings apartment building comprises 24 units, built in accordance with Skanska Swedens Moderna Hus concept for industrialized construction.

Skanska is also developing, building and selling on its own behalf about 80 single-family homes and 40 Bo Klok tenant-owner apartments.

Skanskas initial investment of €25 million (SEK 247 million) pertains to the aforementioned residential projects, including purchase of land and certain infrastructural work.

In addition, Skanska is also contracted for the construction of 80 rental apartments for the municipal housing company Örebrobostäder. The contract amount is approximately €8 million (SEK 81.5 million). Six sheltered accommodation units will be constructed for the Frösunda healthcare company for approximately €0,6 million (SEK 6 million).

The construction projects will be carried out in several stages starting this autumn.

"Attractive housing is an important requirement for the continued development of the city, which is growing by 600-700 inhabitants annually. We are pleased to be able to offer a broad offering of various types of housing together with Skanska. Within the municipality we are moving ahead with planning efforts to facilitate implementation," says Jonas Karlsson, municipal commissioner responsible for city planning matters in Örebro.

Source: Skanska

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