Skanska to build shopping center in northern Finland for €34 million (FI)

Skanska has been contracted to build a new shopping center in Rovaniemi, Finland. The contract amount is €34 million, which is included in order bookings for the third quarter of 2006. The customer is the project company Kauppakeskus Revontuli Oy, which is owned by the local real estate and investment company Kukkola.

The shopping center, which will be one of the largest in northern Finland, will have a gross floor space of 31,500 m² and leasable area of about 15,500 square meters. Most will be retail outlets, but the center will also house about 3,500 m² of office space.

The retail area has been designed as a 200-meter-long building that will span Highway 4. The center will be accessible from the highway with its own exits. Construction work begins this summer and lasts 18 months.

Source: Skanska

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