Skanska Office Index 2008 shows big differences in environmental attitudes of respondents (EUR)

The second issue of Skanska's annual market research, the Skanska Office Index, shows there is a difference in maturity when it comes to environmental issues and measurements within office premises. More than half of the respondents in Czech Republic (59%) for example thinks an environmental declaration would be interested as a quality assurance for the next office they will choose. The survey also shows that the majority of companies predict the same area of office premises.

"Our intention is to be a leading green developer and constructor in our home markets, which is reflected in our energy efficient projects. Our office building Nordica Ostrava has been awarded GreenBuilding certificate, as the first one in Czech Republic, to be energy efficient. It consumes 30% less energy compared to Czech norms based on the calculations done by CVUT. Nordica and all our future projects will save energy

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