Skanska obtains first LEED certificate with the highest Platinum rating in Poland (PL)

Thanks to the Wroclaw office project developed by Skanska, Poland is now among the countries which have LEED Platinum certified buildings. While a growing number of buildings in Poland are applying for LEED certification, Skanska has been first to receive the LEED Core & Shell certificate at the highest level.

"LEED Platinum for the first building of the Green Towers complex is a great success and a reason to feel proud. The philosophy of sustainable development is part of our company's DNA. All the more so, I am pleased that we have successfully coped with the challenges related to the development and certification of this investment.

"As a result, we will deliver the best value, not only from the perspective of tenants, but also investors. This means that once again it is Skanska that sets the trends on the Polish market," said Waldemar Olbryk, President of Skanska Property Poland.

Precertification is based on design assumptions, which undergo preliminary verification to assess to what extent the project will meet LEED criteria. After the investment is completed, the company submits full documentation and the final verification process takes place. Eventually, the building is awarded the certificate.

Like all Skanska's projects, which are in the process of applying for the LEED certificate, Green Towers meets the most ambitious criteria for sustainable buildings and during its construction and design process the most innovative solutions available on the market were applied. LEED is the most widely used environment certification system. Its criteria include such factors as the location of buildings, water efficiency, energy consumption, materials and resources, indoor environment quality, as well as innovation and design.

"As this was our first LEED certification for an office building and already at the top level, it was a considerable challenge. To successfully carry out the task it was necessary to coordinate the work of a large group of people responsible for various areas, including designers, architects, coordinating staff with expert knowledge concerning the LEED certification.

"Commitment and cooperation on many levels, in accordance with the idea of sustainable development, have produced outstanding results," said Michal Marszalek, Green Business Coordinator, Skanska Property Poland.

Green Towers A building features modern technologies which not only make it possible to reduce energy and water consumption, but also ensure optimum working conditions. The air-conditioning system is based on fan-coils with energy-saving engines, and high air quality is guaranteed by adiabatic humidifiers based on the use of water mist and cheaper thermal energy.

Cool air from the outside of the building is used for heating the scheme, and the heat from the offices warms up the underground garage. Energy efficient lighting system has also been installed in the building. To reduce the use of water, water-saving fittings and waterless urinals were provided in the toilets and plants which do not require watering were chosen for open-air spaces.

Green Towers also offers excellent access to public transport, so the building's users do not need to get to work by car. There is also parking space for bicycles outside the building and cyclists can use changing rooms with showers and lockers. Additionally, six power supply sources for electric cars are available for tenants. Regional materials were used in order to minimize the impact of their transport on the natural environment, as well as low-emission finishing materials, which are safer for health.

The LEED Platinum certificate for Green Towers is not the first success of Skanska Property Poland in this field. Previously the developer's Warsaw office was awarded the first in Poland LEED CI certificate with Silver rating, destined for commercial interiors which meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, water consumption, as well as innovative environment friendly solutions.

Source: Questia PR

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