Skanska to sell next 6 buildings in CEE region (EU)

The company continues to dynamically develop its investment offer in the CEE region. In 2015, Skanska’s portfolio in Central and Eastern Europe will grow by another six buildings.
2014 was an exceptionally successful year for Skanska in terms of transactions, not only on the world's major global markets but also in cities such as Bucharest, Budapest, Wroclaw and Lodz.
Skanska CDE, operating in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region, sold a record-breaking nine office buildings. In 2015, the unit will focus on further developing its offer for investors and is planning new projects. The Swedish developer recognizes the great potential of cities that do not figure in the top-tier rankings due to low transaction volumes but do guarantee perfect conditions for single investment gems.
For Skanska, Central and Eastern Europe is one of the fastest developing transaction markets worldwide. In 2014, the Swedish company sold more modern office schemes in the CEE than in any other region.
“Several years ago, we started with a single office building. In 2014, the number of projects sold in the CEE accounted for more than 50% of Skanska’s office transactions worldwide. We recognize great potential for further growth in countries such as the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and, of course, Poland,” says Nicklas Lindberg, President at Skanska Commercial Development, Skanska’s office unit operating in Central and Eastern Europe.
“In many respects, we are investment pioneers in the CEE. We were the first to introduce green buildings in the region and we contribute in the establishment of local transaction markets such as Łódź and Budapest. We also lead the way in building in response to people's needs,” states Nicklas Lindberg.
In 2015, Skanska CDE will not slow down as there will be 5 office complexes in its portfolio for sale, located in Prague, Bucharest, Kraków, Poznań and Katowice. “In 2015, we are planning to deepen our relationships with financial institutions from Europe and USA, as well as the Middle East and Asia. We will, of course, continue our successful cooperation with regional funds which are becoming increasingly active in the CEE,” states Adrian Karczewicz, Transaction Director at Skanska CDE.
Source: Linkleaders

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