Sixth ECE shopping center in Poland - Galeria Kaskada - opens today (DE/PL)

Following a construction period of 18 months, the most modern and elegant shopping center in the Polish city of Szczecin and in the entire West Pomerania region, located in a prime city center site, will open its doors to the public this Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 8 am.

Galeria Kaskada Stettin

The center extends over three levels with a total leased area of around 43,000 m².

The new city center magnet houses around 140 shops, cafés, restaurants and service outlets with a branch and service mix tailored to the needs of the city of Szczecin. The center extends over three levels with a total leased area of around 43,000 m² and houses some 1,000 parking spaces for motorized visitors.

In addition, 'Pure' - who operate fitness studios all over Europe - are opening Szczecin's biggest fitness center with an area of around 1,800 m².

The owner of the €190 million project is the pan-European ECE European Prime Shopping Center Fund. The opening of the Galeria Kaskada has created around 1,200 new full and part-time jobs in Szczecin. The long-term management of the Galeria Kaskada is in the experienced hands of ECE, who also developed and planned the project.

Piotr Krzystek, President of the City of Szczecin: "The creation of the Galeria Kaskada is an outstanding example of cooperation between the civic administration and a private investor. And it is above all thanks to this cooperation that Szczecin now boasts a new site for the Pleciuga Puppet Theater.

"The design of this building has also changed the character of this prestigious part of the city center. ECE will also act as a major patron of cultural life in Szczecin. It would be my wish that all Polish cities can realize their plans with partners who are as reliable as ECE."

In the words of Alexander Otto, CEO of ECE Projektmanagement, "ECE is proud of the Galeria Kaskada, and this is also a happy day for Szczecin. I am confident that we will continue to build on our excellent cooperation with the city after the center opens. We are delighted that we now at last also have a home in Szczecin."

Rüdiger Cornehl, Managing Director of ECE Real Estate Partners: "The fund investors are looking forward to the opening of this exciting shopping center in the heart of Szczecin. The extraordinary location, the perfect tenant mix and the young and modern architectural design will make the Galeria Kaskada the most popular shopping center in the West Pomerania region.

"This is the first investment in Poland by the ECE European Prime Shopping Center Fund, and we look forward to further investment projects in the coming years."

The site on which the Galeria Kaskada stands is an important location in the more recent history of Szczecin. It used to be home to the 'Kaskada' Entertainment Center, famous for performances by a whole host of stars as well as for its outstanding cuisine. The building was totally destroyed by fire in 1981. The opening of the Galeria Kaskada, whose name forges a conscious link with this history, will also keep the tradition of this location alive as a vibrant part of the city of Szczecin.

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