Six and Sons sustainable pop-up store to open in London with Sook (GB)

Six and Sons sustainable pop-up store to open in London with Sook (GB)

Six and Sons, a platform for sustainable brands and as an independent concept store in Amsterdam has created a three-day sustainable pop-up in London in Sook space on 42 Molton Street in Mayfair prior to selecting a permanent space in London. The interest is to introduce the concept and a curated selection of UK sustainable brands that will later feature in the Six and Sons flagship store in Amsterdam.


The innovative pop-up will highlight brands and products focusing on sustainability and well-being in a very modern format displayed on digital screens with customers able to order in-store with their mobile phones. It is a showcase to build awareness and provide an opportunity for storytelling of the brands involved in the concept.


”Six and Sons is a platform for sustainable brands a bridge if you will, also known as a physical lifestyle magazine which is designed to be a gateway for brands to enter new markets in a simple, low-risk and a low-cost way, acting as a retail kick-starter," commented Ilona Taillade, co-founder of the Six and Sons. "We have selected space from Sook - which is a modular store format with digital signage on the walls. Pop-ups without the traditional barriers of opening a physical store and are operated by the hour."


With Covid-19, we are living in extraordinary times where people have changed their shopping behaviour,  and therefore we are using the space as a media channel to engage with the audience and tell our story as well as that of the brands in a digital format using physical space. Our goal is to showcase mindful brands, and drive interest online, not necessarily use the pop-up to generate sales”, said Ilona Taillade.


In collaboration with the UK Department for International Trade and We Are Pop Up, a selection of brands will also be launched in Amsterdam at the Six and Sons store and webshop between 15th of November and 28th of December 2020.


The brands offer products in categories ranging from food and beverage, fashion, skincare, accessories and giftware. The limited-edition “Best of Sustainable Retail pop-up” marks the first entry into the Dutch market for most of the brands, which have been carefully selected and curated by the micro-department store format, Six and Sons. Some of the brands that will feature in this pop-up include Groundtruth, EYM. natural candles, Ilapothecary, Scrubd, Mr Mullans Apothecary, Fleet London Clothing, Amadeus Bijoux, Lemuria Jewels  Cucumber Clothing, Fanfare, Stay Creative, Nkd Life, Kapdaa Offcuts, Mr Wills Vegan Shoes, Pala Sunglasses, Ponch, Love Brand & Co, Pavillion Health , Ohelo bottle, Coco Caravan  Suga Vida, Ripple+ and many more. 

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