Silk & Cashmere to open its first direct boutique in Russia (RU)

Silk & Cashmere, one of the world’s largest cashmere retail distributors, leased 61.6 m² space on the 1st floor of METROPOLIS mall for its first direct store in Russia. JLL exclusively advised on the deal.
Silk & Cashmere opened its first ever store in Zurich 23 years ago, they have been constantly developing all over the global markets, and at present they decided to enter the Moscow one to start building its loyal Russian customer base. METROPOLIS mall now hosts Russia’s first direct Silk & Cashmere store. With nearly 200 sales points in dozens of world capitals including London, Paris, Zurich, Geneva and Melbourne, Silk & Cashmere is now taking its niche in Moscow market providing itself with further successful brand development within the country. In the next 3 years, Silk & Cashmere plans to open 5 directly operated stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan.
Aysen Zamanpur, Silk & Cashmere CEO, said: “Wherever we are around the world, Russians have always loved our brand, followed our international expansion and remained among our top three customer segments during the 23 years of our operation. In fact, our first collection was named Dr. Zhivago to reflect their appreciation of our brand. For years, they’ve supported our growth and followed us around the world, and now, to express our gratitude, we’re coming to their doorstep. Russia has a cold climate and the Russians have a profound appreciation of cashmere. Therefore, we have decided to fill in this gap with a help of an international consultant JLL. We fully trusted JLL due to their profound knowledge of the domestic market, and no one could have advised us in a more professional way.”
METROPOLIS mall is located on Leningradskoe Highway, near the Voykovskaya metro station, in the North-West district of Moscow. The scheme’s GBA is 205,000 m², GLA is 82,000 m².
Source: JLL

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