Signing of Noorderhaven Zuthpen partnerships agreements imminent (NL)

The City of Zutphen, Woonbedrijf ieder1 housing corporation, the Marswegkwartier residents association and the combination Heijmans Vastgoed and Proper-Stok are planning to sign the partnership agreements for the development of Noorderhaven in Zutphen, on Friday March 18, 2011.

This involves four agreements: a partnership agreement between Proper-Stok and the City of Zutphen for the development of approximately 1,000 homes and the social and commercial facilities for the entire Noorderhaven area. The partnership agreement between the City of Zutphen and Woonbedrijf ieder1 for 191 homes in Noorderhaven, to compensate for the homes that will be demolished in the Marswegkwartier district.

For the building and development of these 191 homes Proper-Stok and Woonbedrijf ieder1 will sign a partnership agreement. These homes will be realized in the entire Noorderhaven area. Finally, Woonbedrijf ieder1 and the Marswegkwartier residents committee will sign an agreement on the rehousing of the current residents of the Marswegkwartier district.

Road clear for development
Once the partnership has been ratified on the basis of the various agreements, the road is finally clear for the development of the new Noorderhaven living and working area. The key step after this is to prepare the required zoning plans. It is expected that work planning for the construction of the first phase of Noorderhaven will commence at the end of this year.

Exciting transformation
Noorderhaven will become a contemporary addition to Zutphen's city center, a district where social and economic returns will be the pillars of sustainable area development. The combination Heijmans and Proper-Stok will therefore specifically involve local entrepreneurs in plan development and will encourage private initiatives from the bottom up. This will create support and participation in the planning process by neighboring residents, future users and other Zutphen residents. Sustainable area development requires both creativity and the capacity to implement.

By combining the knowledge of Proper-Stok with that of Heijmans Property Development, they are well-positioned for such integral, long-term area development projects. The Reesink premises, bought by Heijmans in 2009, is part of the Noorderhaven area.

Source: Heijmans

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