Shopping Center Overkapel in Utrecht wins NRW 2010 Award (NL)

The NRW (Dutch Council of Shopping Centers) held its 21st annual yearly awards ceremony on April 1st, this year choosing the Shopping Center Overkapel in Utrecht as the winner. The 4,400 m² urban center was entirely refurbished by Redema Consultants B.V. The owner is Pantarhei, the architect is Cita Ontwerpers, with funding provided by ING Real Estate Investment and asset management performed by DTZ Zadelhoff.


The 4,400 m² urban center was entirely refurbished by Redema Consultants.


Proudly receiving the NRW 2010 Award.

The jury decision, summed up by jury foreman Henk Gianotten, said that the Overkapel in Utrecht was a beautiful example of a successful combination of redevelopment and new construction of a formerly rundown shopping center which had been plagued by vandalism and crime.

The project, with 14 shops and an area of 4,400 m² is small in size but large in what it delivers, one with many appealing aspects made by people for people. The jury named it one of the best shopping centers of its type. Aside from shops Overkapel has 84 apartments all of which were sold upon delivery. The jury had a lot of appreciation for the cooperation shown between the local municipalities, the developer, and all the involved parties, as well as for the risk they were willing to take in realizing the redevelopment of the scheme.

Source: NRW / REP

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