Setl City starts construction of the GreenLandiya Residential Estate (RU)

The developer company Setl City (part of the Setl Group) has started the construction and opened sales of the first of the five stages of the GreenLandiya residential estate in Devyatkino district, to the west of the Devyatkino metro station and to the north of the Ring Motorway.

On a 30 ha land plot the company is planning to build 400,000 m² of comfort-class housing, three kindergartens and a school and to provide appropriate landscaping, including the construction of playgrounds for children and sports grounds, all that to be completed by the year 2020. The roughly estimated total volume of investment in the project is 19 billion roubles (approx. €471 million).

The first stage of the GreenLandiya residential estate includes two brickwork/cast-concrete four-section residential houses with the varying number of stories (13 to 23 stories) 88,500 m² in total area. There will be 1,500 one-, two- and three-room apartments in the houses, as well as integrated commercial spaces 2,200 m² in total area. The commissioning of the 1st stage is expected in the third quarter of 2015. The construction of the second stage is also to be started before the year expires.

In the new estate emphasis is placed on convenience for future tenants and on the aesthetic aspect of the project. Besides the landscape gardening in the courtyards, arrangement of sidewalks and driveways and the construction of playgrounds for children and sports grounds, all of which have already become a standard, comprehensive improvement of the estate's area using landscape design is planned.

Apart from that, a contest held by Setl City to select the best designer concept for the facades of the future houses is close to its end.

The new project is to expand Setl City's targeted program and to strengthen company's positions in the north of the city. At the moment, Setl City's portfolio contains more than 2 million m² of real estate in various stages of completion.

Source: Setl Group

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