SEGRO and Slough Borough Council renew landmark planning agreement (UK)

SEGRO plc and Slough Borough Council have renewed the landmark Simplified Planning Zone (‘SPZ’) agreement that will enable the rapid creation of new buildings on the Slough Trading Estate for the next 10 years, further reinforcing the Trading Estate’s position as a prime location for businesses in the Thames Valley.
The signing of the SPZ, for the third successive 10 year period, means that full planning permission is automatically granted for the construction of industrial buildings on the Trading Estate, including warehouses, data centers, and research and development facilities, provided that the development is in accordance with the SPZ scheme terms. These mainly relate to density of development, height of buildings near to residential areas and building sustainability.
The SPZ has been a vital factor in ensuring competitive advantage for the Trading Estate in attracting blue chip companies and smaller enterprises alike to Slough, providing a rich source of local employment. During the 2005-2014 SPZ period, 1.6 million ft² of new space has been delivered on the Trading Estate, rejuvenating 23% of its built space. A similar amount of space is expected to be developed over the coming five years.
Gareth Osborn, SEGRO’s Business Unit Director for Thames Valley, said: “This SPZ agreement is the culmination of productive discussions with our partners at Slough Borough Council who, like us, recognise the decisive benefits offered by the assurances it enables us to provide to new and existing customers on the Trading Estate in terms of speed, flexibility and, importantly, certainty of construction.”
In reaching this agreement, SEGRO has also worked with the council and local community on a number of initiatives on and around the Trading Estate, including Slough Aspire and the sustainable transport scheme.
The sustainable transport partnership is designed specifically for businesses on the Trading Estate and aims to encourage wider use of public transport, walking, cycling and car sharing in Slough. It was developed by SEGRO, Slough Borough Council, First Great Western, Liftshare and First Berkshire Bus.
Source: SEGRO

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