SEGRO renames its parks in CEE (PL/CZ)

SEGRO, Europe's leading industrial REIT, has announced the renaming of its projects in Poland and Czech Republic. From December 1, two CEE projects will change their names to better reflect the type of industrial activity that operates at each of these locations.

Two of SEGRO's parks in Central Europe are undergoing the renaming process.

From December 1, 2011, SEGRO's facilities in Prague will be known as SEGRO Logistics Park Prague and the park located in Lodz will be known as SEGRO Business Park Lodz.

Bozena Krawczyk, SEGRO's Investment Director commented: "We have started the renaming process to give our customers and potential customers more facts on the crucial features of each of our parks. Gradual change will allow the market to become accustomed to the new names.

"So far, most of SEGRO developments in Central Europe have been operating under the brand Tulipan Park but from a marketing point of view it's much clearer when they bear the name of our company."

The renaming process started in Poland with launching the development of SEGRO Business Park Gliwice. Currently, all new investments are named according to a new naming protocol, e.g. SEGRO Logistics Park Gdansk, SEGRO Industrial Park Tychy.

Source: Partner of Promotion Sp. z o.o.

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