Second skyscraper of Capital Group under construction in MIBC Moscow City (RU)

THE OKO – the second skyscraper of Capital Group in MIBC 'Moscow City' – is created by the international leaders' team in design, construction and implementation of high-rise complexes. The project is developed by the American architectural bureau SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill). The general constructor of the building is the Turkish company Ant Yapi, and the UK Capex will maintain the complex.

Construction of THE OKO began in July, 2011. The project includes building of two towers – 85-story residential and 49-story offices skyscrapers. The total area of the project occupies 400 000 m² Today active construction works are being performed at the level of 13-14 floors. Completion of the construction and the beginning of finishing works is scheduled for 2014. In 2015 the complex will be completely ready.

All apartments are offered to buyers with interior finishing made by high-quality natural materials. "The experience we received with the realization of our first high-rise building in the City (MFC 'Capital City') showed, that apartments with interior finishing are of highest demand by clients, Valentine Stanovova First Vice President of Capital Group comments.

"This format allows a building to 'revive' in the most short time. This factor is the priority at multifunctional complex development. It is a benefit to inhabitants, tenants of office areas and operators of infrastructure of the OKO".

Simplicity of architectural forms let the OKO project to stand out among the surrounding towers in the Moscow City. Authors of the complex - architectural bureau SOM - created sculptural composition of two independent towers united by transparent crystal. The front solution of crystal contrasts with the strict elegance of skyscrapers.

Distinctive facets of towers intensify the effect of free movement up, opening panoramic view over the Kremlin and White house, embankments of the Moscow River and Vorobyovy Gory, skyscrapers the Moscow City". Jeffrey McCart (Jeffrey J. McCarthy), the managing partner of SOM, is sure the development to be a success: "No doubt THE OKO will become a new landmark destination within Moscow City. Its elegance is visible in every detail—from the clarity of its bold yet delicate forms, to the rich materials of its gracious interior spaces".

On the eighth to 16th floors of a 85-story residential tower there will be the 160 rooms of the five-star Delano Moscow hotel - one of the fashion-makers of the luxury hotels business. On the 17-26 floors 100 serviced apartments are to be located. On the 28-85 floors there will be 400 apartments and two penthouses.

The residential tower will consist of several specific levels: Horizon level (28-45 floors), Meridian level (47-64) and Apogee level (66-82). The apartments' floor space varies from 77 m² to 300 m², the area of penthouses – 1,150 m² Depending on the building level, the quantity of apartments per each floor changes: up to the 64th floor there will be eight apartments per floor, and starting from the 67th floor, the quantity reduces to four apartments. On the top 84-85 floors there are two penthouses.

49-storied office tower is located diagonally to the residential building, providing the maximum view and insolation of both towers. The building of offices offers tenants wide opportunities for any design solutions of working spaces (from separate rooms to open spaces) due to the 11-meter deep floor, compact placement of vertical communications in a centre of the building and providing free space at the perimeter.

6-storied crystal in the basis of the complex offers OKO's inhabitants and guests a wide range of services for comfortable life and business. On the first floor the lobby and the bars will be located, the second and third floors will be occupied SPA and fitness centers. On the fourth floor conference hall for 800 persons will open. On the fifth and sixth floors there will be a private cinema hall, restaurants, bars, etc.

15-level parking with 3,900 lots will be the big advantage of the complex. It's the best parking inde

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