Scandinavia's largest outlet area opens in the Ørestad region (SE)

Scandinavia's largest outlet area has partially opened in Löddeköping in Skäne just north of Malmö. It is a mixture of an indoor outlet on over 10,000 m² containing more than 40 stores, and outdoor outlet stores over several thousand square meters.


Outlet Skåne.

Strong brands like Nike, Peak Performance, and Tiger of Sweden have already signed leases. Stadium Outlet and Swadala Outlet have already opened individual stores. The indoor outlet is expected to be fully let by summer 2012 and the opening is scheduled for autumn 2012.

The outlet area has 4-6 million customers every year. They shop in the outlet stores which are already open; in the grocery stores or in the existing shopping center, Center Syd.

Outlet Skåne which is located in an existing building has been developed by an international retail expert team. The Swedish/Danish company, reteam, has worked out the strategy and GHA Design Studios based in Montreal has developed the design and architecture.

Source: reteam

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